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The Cycle Dolly

The Cycle Dolly is a one-person user-friendly motorcycle stand/mover. One person can load, move, and unload a motorcycle in a matter of minutes. Most people who own a motorcycle have to share a garage with a car or other items, the Cycle Dolly allows a person to put their cycle in a corner or up against a wall with a push of their hand! See the Cycle Dolly Specs Page for more pictures and details.

See The Cycle Dolly specs page for more details and images.

This is your Premium Top-of-the-Line Dolly

The really great thing about this dolly is the fact that the V Channel is set only off the ground, which makes for easy loading/unloading, and the V Channel holds almost any size tires so the thought of tipping is virtually non-existent.

You will not find a better Dolly anywhere.

The Cycle Dolly has an adjustable kickstand plate and will hold anything from a small Honda 150 to a full dress Harley Davidson. It is also made of steel with the Poly casters and will hold up to a 1500 lb. bike.

See The Cycle Dolly specs page for more details and images.

Proudly Made in The United States of America

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